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1 Hour Consultation with Ryan Pineda

This call can go over any variety of topics: Flipping, Wholesaling, Rentals, Financing, AirBNB's, Social Media, Entrepreneurship and much more.

Please prepare an email for Ryan with anything you would like to cover on the call. Please include as much details as possible for him to prepare for this consultation. We will also ask you take a quick personality test when you schedule your call to help prepare Ryan. Instructions for how to set up the call and contact Ryan will be available to you after you complete the purchase.

Finally for anyone looking for multiple consults we recommend Ryan's Coaching Program (Experience Required). Link to details and application can be found here:

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Ryan Pineda
Ryan Pineda

Ryan Pineda is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and former pro baseball player from Las Vegas, NV. He has bought and sold hundreds of homes. His book “Flip Your Future” has been a best seller on Amazon. He owns multiple companies servicing the real estate industry.

His real estate investment company Homerun Offer is actively flipping, wholesaling, and buying rentals across the country. Forever Home Realty is a real estate brokerage focused on investments. Future Flipper teaches others to invest in all aspects of real estate. Lastly, TrueBooks CPA specializes in tax and accounting services for real estate investors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set it up?
After your payment processes you will have access to the consultation set up instructions. Use those to prepare and schedule your 60 minute call with Ryan.
What will be covered?
Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and expert Real Estate Investor. Having completed over 500 deals earning him the title of multi-millionaire in the last 6 years. He owns a successful brokerage in Las Vegas with 50+ agents helping people find their forever homes. Not to mention an education company, a bookkeeping and CPA company, and tons of AirBNB's and rentals as well. With an economics degree he has a solid understanding of money and what it takes to make a business successful. He loves to inspire and teach others in any areas of his expertise.
One time only?
Yes. You are able to purchase another consultation if necessary. Ryan's time is very limited due to the many businesses he owns and students in our coaching program he works with. We ask anyone looking for continual consulting or mentorship to look into our coaching program!

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